All Sunglasses $69 or 2 Pairs for $89!


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time, we only ship to the United States, Puerto Rico, & the U.S. Virgin Islands.

What type of lens is best for which activities?

See features under each of the sunglasses.

What is the material of the sunglasses – frames/lenses?

o Lenses - Revolutionary Nylon material is Injection Molded (not heat bent)
o Frames - VaporLite™ Frame Technology---So light, they Float

How do I know my size?

See fit guide under each style.

Do I need to mail back my damaged sunglasses?

Only in the instances where you feel that a manufacturer's defect has occurred (see question below on manufacturer's defect). Otherwise, simply upload a picture of the damaged sunglasses while filing your claim. You may also send a picture of the damaged sunglasses to

What determines a Manufacturer’s defect?

A manufacturer's defect typically occurs w/in the 1st 90 days of use. Unsinkable Polarized has the sole discretion to determine manufacturer's defects. Scratched lenses and/or normal wear & tear are not considered a manufacturer's defect. Sunglasses older than one year will not be considered a manufacturer's defect.

Can I place a claim for LOSS without my serial number?

Unfortunately, No. This is the only way we can prove that you purchased your Unsinkable sunglasses.

If I lose my sunglasses & place a loss claim, are my replacement sunglasses also covered for loss?

Our generous policy allows the purchaser to claim loss one time on the original purchase only.

If I buy multiple pairs of Unsinkable sunglasses and lose them down the road, can I claim loss for each pair?

Yes, you can claim loss, one time, for each pair you purchase & register with your serial# provided on the warranty card found in the box.

Can I place a damage claim on my repaired or replaced sunglasses?

Yes, there is no limit as to how many times you can submit a claim for your damaged sunglasses.

Is a Proof of Purchase required for me to make a warranty claim?


Do you sell sunglass frame parts?

No. If you incur frame breakage you must submit a warranty claim through our online warranty process.

Can I purchase just a sunglass frame?

Unsinkable Polarized does not sell only frames. You will have to purchase another pair of sunglasses if you would like another frame.

Are scratched lenses covered under the Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. However, you will be charged a $35 processing fee.

When can I expect my sunglasses back?

We currently have a 1-2 week turnaround time, depending on your location.